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Zen Do Ka Elite Freestyle Karate, Kickboxing & Mixed Martial Arts Singapore


Zen Do Ka offers the following programs for all ages

Karate Kidz


Freestyle Karate

Urban Survival Self Defense 

and Mixed Martial Arts.


Zen Do Ka is unique in its teaching methods which ensure rapid rates of learning and retention of lessons through its copyrighted system of learning. It uses plain English in the names of its techniques instead of the frequently mispronounced and misunderstood Thai and Japanese words. This makes lessons universally easier to follow.

Zen Do Ka Mixed Martial Arts students learn the best, most effective techniques from many different styles of martial arts making Zen Do Ka a complete and very effective system of self defence. It incorporates traditional karate forms and techniques alongside modern self defense systems.

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 The Evolution of Zen Do Ka.

The roots of Zen Do Ka were sewn 2,000 years ago in China and India and based on the principles of Martial Arts of the Shaolin Temple and spiritual training found in India's 4,000 years old Sanskrit manuscript the Mahabharata.
The founder of the philosophy of Ch'an – Zen was Bodhidharma, the 28th Patriach of Buddha who was a member of India's Elite warrior class, the Ksatriya. He travelled through Malaysia and Thailand transmitting his knowledge of Buddhism and martial arts before eventually entering China through Vietnam in 520 A.D. Malay legends say that Bodhidharma introduced forms to silat, while Thais believe the techniques he brought formed the basis of Muay Thai.
Bodhidharma founded Zen at the Shaolin Monastery, fusing it with the philosophy of Taoism, DO meaning the spiritual Way. Zen and Do influenced the martial arts of the Shaolin of China, incorporating techniques adopted from other fighting arts. The Shaolin system fused the mind and body disciplines of yoga breathing and exercise of India.

Over the centuries, the fighting techniques of the Shaolin temple in China were spread by sailors and merchants and were passed back and forth. Shaolin Kung-fu found its way to Okinawa and after a thousand years developed into modern Karate. In Thailand it developed into Muay Boran, the ancient form of modern day Muay Thai, and in Korea contributed to the development of modern Taekwondo.
Traditional Martial arts with the Zen influence are recognised by their inclusion of the word "Do" in their art's name, …..Judo, Aikido, Karate-do, Kendo, Budo, Bushido, Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido and Tang Soo Do among others.

Chojun Miyagi the founder of Goju Ryu Karate-Do began training in Karate-do at the age of 9. As an adult he went to China and studied the Shaolin and Ba Gua forms of Chinese boxing. In 1929, from the blending of these systems with his Karate training, Chojun Miyagi founded Goju Ryu which translates as "hard & soft style."

In the 1970's an Australian student of Goju Ryu Karate, developed a Free style of Karate, which contains elements of a variety of other martial arts including Muay Thai.

In 2009, not content to limit his classes to a single style, Sensei Peter A. Robertson, combined all his training in (approximately) 17 different Martial Arts and founded Zen Do Ka Freestyle Karate & Kickboxing which incorporates elements of all the Martial Arts Peter has studied, focusings heavily on Muay Thai, Kung Fu and Karate techniques.

The Japanese word Zen means "meditation" Do means path, Ka is the spirit on the path.
A Zendoka is a spirit on the path of enlightenment. Many travel, some finish. The question is "does such destination exist, or is the path the destination?"


Zen Do Ka, Proudly 

Affiliated with
The World Kickboxing Council Singapore, The World Mixed Martial Arts Associtation, Survival Combat Self Defense, H Kickboxing, ASDS, World Elite Black Belt Society,
Tiger Martial Arts Association, The World Martial Arts Federation, Traditional Muay Thai Federation De Pernambuco, Dojo Colcur, MAAI, Survival Solutions Jeet Kune Do,
Elite Freestyle Karate & Kickboxing International, Urban Survival Self Defense, Cobra Martial Arts Association, Combat Ultimate System, H-Kickboxing, D-Lux Karate,
Pro-Tact Scotland, The All Russian Hand-to Hand Fighting Federation, & The World Kickboxing Federation Singapore
among others…….


               Zen Do Ka Elite Karate & Kickboxing Singapore is an INDEPENDENT Martial Arts School. 



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