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Cobra Scotland

Cobra Scotland & GSR Fight Team runs clubs in the South Lanarkshire area of Scotland
Teaching Freestyle Karate / Kick-Boxing / Mixed Martial Arts
We take students from 5 years old and have a little ninja programme in operation for confidence building.                                             

Cobra is run by Grand Master Gordon Scott-Russell, the WZKKA President for Scotland.
He is a 7th Dan in Freestyle Karate, 7th Dan MMA - WZKKA, 3rd Degree Tae Kwon-Do ITF, Shodan in Shotokan Karate, Modern Thai / Kick-Boxing Instructor, Self Defence Federation (SDF) level one Instructor, Weapons Instructor, Modern Combat Specialist Close Quarter Protection Instructor, EFKKI Founder & President, Cobra Martial Arts Association (CMAA) UK, Vice President and one of only a few recognised MMA coaches in the UK.
( CMAA ratified ) http://www.mmablackbelt.co.uk/

Master Gordon Scott-Russell featured in Martial Arts Pulse Magazine

"We understand that each person , young or old, male or female has the right to learn Martial Arts in a safe and friendly group, what ever their reasons, to get fit, to learn the arts or just for fun. We like to think we provide this kind of environment ! so why not come along and be part of our group and learn in a safe and friendly class."
Master Gordon Scott-Russell


FOR INFO GO TO http://www.wkcscotland.webs.com/
or visit

Tuesday Nights , Orbiston Hall , Bellshill 6.30pm  ( behind the Orb Pub)
Thursday nights, Cobra Dojo , 57a Alexander Street, Airdrie ML6 0BD



Little Ninjas
Ashgill Community Hall - Wednesday Night 6.00pm till 9.00pm               


Bumble Bee Nursery, Bellshill, Thursday Night 6.30pm till 8.30pm
for info contact us at  gsr@cmaa.co.uk
or visit us at

Andrew Morrell, President & Gordon Russell Vice President of Cobra Martial Arts Association, The UK's National Supporting Body for All Styles of Martial Arts.
Visit Cobra at



                                       Pro-Tact Scotland

PRO-TACT host a wide variety of self defence training and refresher courses from military, law enforcement, civilian and martial arts backgrounds.  All our instructors are experts in their fields with years of experience in real world combat and defence situations.

Based in and around Burnley, Pro-Tact offers Hand to Hand Combat, Self Defense and firearms training with all kinds of equipment, from bats and knives to airsoft and live .
PRO-TACT’s Basic Courses cover everything you need to be safe, competent and efficient when on the shooting range.  The skills and drills we teach and practise are essential basics that will show you to be a safe and skilled shooter. 

PRO-TACT’s Tactical Courses take you to the top level in tactical shooting. All students must complete a Section 21 Firearms Act form and are subject to a Police check.

Andy Nightingale / Founder of Pro-Tact / Head Instructor
has served as part of a Special Response Team and has worked along side many of the worlds military and law enforcement teams throughout his career. Andy has studied military and law enforcement defencive combative techniques from around the world. Andy provides training for Military, Police and the Security sector .

Colin Taylor has produced many combative shooting programs with the novice in mind and has conducted several self defence applications of fire structured for the Security Sector. Colin is a qualified Helicopter pilot having flown many hours as part of a Special Response Team. Colin specialises in the following:-
Close Quarter Defence, High Risk Entry Tactics, Defensive Firearms,  Low Light Shooting, Force on Force Drills, Building Searches, Advance Handgun Drills and Radio Communications.

Gordon Scott-Russel is Senior Instructor for Pro-Tact Scotland. Gordon joined Pro-Tact in 2010 and has provided combative courses and training for the Scottish market and has proved himself as a great asset to the group. He is a 7th Dan Martial Arts Master whose unarmed combat training courses are second to none.

Pro-Tact also offers Private Investigations and Personal Security Services.
Email protactshooting@gmail.com
or visit


                  Shudokan Aikido Lincoln England


At the Shudokan Black Belt Academy Schools we have one goal: Excellence!

Our Aikido based programs for children include Little Dragons (5 years) and Juniors (6-10years)/Cadets (11-16 years) classes which focus on life skills essential for developing your child into a successful, happy and productive adult.

Shudokan Aikido is based on the Yoshinkan style of Aikido as taught to the Tokyo Special Riot Police. Yoshinkan Aikido was founded by Shioda Kancho who was a principle student of Ueshiba O Sensei, the founder of Aikido. As an effective form of self defence, Aikido is taught to police and military worldwide.

We hope you decide to join us and find out why the Shudokan Lincoln Black Belt Academy is one of the leading Aikido and martial arts schools in the UK today.

Sensei Mark Gott, the owner of Shudokan Aikido Lincoln is a 1st Degree Black Belt from the Shudokan Institute of Aikido International. Shudokan Aikido Lincoln is Sport England recognised and British Aikido Board registered.

Shudokan Aikido Lincoln
is located at
Kadoguchi Dojo
Unit 2 Gateway Court
Dankerwood Road
South Hykeham





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