Gold Gym Velilla, at Jarama

(Velilla de San Antonio, Madrid)

and Blas Madrid Gym. Villaamil street, Móstoles.


Run by Grand Master Alejandro Tena Sebastián a Martial Artist with a great pedigree in a variety of styles.

Alejandro is the Muay Thai Instructor in Blas Gym. In Móstoles.

He is a Competitor training at the gym Box Everlast.

National Coach and Black Belt 4th Dan WKF Kick Boxing
10th  Khan Muay Thai / Muay Boran
13th  Khan Muay Thai Sports
National Coach 1 and 1st  Dan in Police Self Defense.
Trainer and 2nd Dan in Kenpo Karate.
1st Dan of Krav Maga
1st Dan Self Defense
National Coach Level 2 Mixed Martial Arts MMA

History as a competitor:
5 times champion of Spain
One time third of Europe
1 times second and once third in world championships

2 times first in the ranking WKF Pro Am in Full Contact
3 times first in the ranking WKF Pro Am in Muay Thai


To train with Grand Master Alejandro Tena Sebastián Contact him by phone on 670324827 or email him @ 

  Dai Matsuki & Oriental Styles Dojos Messina Italy


WZKKA President for Sicily Italy, Soke CARMELO ROMANO operates two Dojos in Messina Italy where he teaches a wide variety of Martial Arts, including Karate, Kickboxing and Krav Maga.

Having studied traditional and modern fighting arts for nearly 4 decades, Soke Romano has combined his knowledge in his own system, Goshin-kei bujutsu.

To train under Soke Romano and his team of instructors, contact
Phone 3334141504

Oriental Styles Dojo
Via Vallone 51/A –S.Margherita 98135 - Messina.

Dai Matsuki Dojo in onore del mio Maestro
S.S. 114 Km 10,300 – Galati Marina 98134 Messina.

Visit the Official Website at WZKKA Sicily Italy

Class Schedule

Karate and Kenpo: Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday from 16.00-18.00 colored belts guys/gals
Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday from 18.30-20.30 advanced belts Adults guys/gals

Kenpo Ju-jtsu and Kick Boxing Monday-Wednesday-Friday from 16.00-18.00 colored belts guys/gals
Monday-Wednesday-Friday from 18.30-20.30 advanced belts Adults guys/gals

Traditional Okinawan Kobudo Wednesday-Thursday for teenagers and adults/
Personal Self-defence courses Monday-Friday for teenagers and adults

Contact us for Private lessons
Phone 3334141504


Among his many acomplishments Soke Romano is
10th Dan Founder of Goshin-kei bujutsu
6th Dan Kenpo JuJitsu
5th Dan Kenpo Karate
5th Dan Kobudo Tradizionale Okinawa
5th Dan Karate Shorin Ryu
3rd Dan Kick Boxing
Master Instructor Krav Maga


Yaakoubd Accademia del Guerriero

(Yaakoubd's Warrior Academy)



Yaakoubd Accademia del Guerriero is Mixed Martial arts school teaching Muay thai, MMA , Kickboxing, self defence & Muay Boran located in Alba Adriatica in Italy,we offer fight training, fitness training, personal training for all levels from complete beginners to professional fighters.

yaakoubd hassan training muay thai

Our classes are divided into three levels, advanced, intermediate and beginners.

yaakoubd accademia del guerriero

Chief Instructor Yaakoubd Hassan
Certified 5th Dan Kickboxing, 13 Khan Muay Thai
by the CSEN, WTKA and WZKKA

Senior Instructor. SAID YAAKOUBD
Certified 12th Khan Muay Thai Instructor WKF - WZKKA
Shoot Boxing Instructor WKF - WZKKA

Location. Via Piemonte, 5 Alba Adriatica Italia
Zipcode 64011

sparring training with yaakoubd hassan






USSD is a "real world" martial arts system with the true spirit of Zen Do Ka. Based on Police and Military tactics and applicable to civilian self defense.

The Urban Survival Self Defense system is not a classical martial art or a "sport" but a system utilising and adapting techniques from different styles of martial arts to create a totally effective self-defense system.

USSD is a dynamic system, with a curriculum and a belt system similar to "Traditional Martial Arts" that will transform it's students from victim to Victor.

Founded by

Carlos Santos
6th Dan Urban Survival Self-Defense

and Shihan Hugo Guedes

6th DAN Urban Survival Self-Defense


To study the Urban Survival Self Defense in Portugal CLICK HERE 




HKickboxing Portugal



"One Muay Thai "


"Everyone unite as one" 

We teach Muay Thai & Zen Do Ka Kickboxing.

We all train under one roof for the love of the sport!

'Respect everybody, show no fear'

Whether you are interested in getting in shape, learning self-defense skills, or actually fighting in the ring one day, HKickboxing is the place to start.

From age 8 to XXL, in our Zen Do Ka Kickboxing and Thai Boxing classes you will achieve;

Increased strength and fitness in body and mind, Increased self-esteem, discipline, respect, Courage, Staying power, Self-control, Improved focus and Fearless self-confidence

We look forward to seeing you!

Coach Holli


TIMETABLE Monday: 18.00 - 19.00: Private & group bookings 19.00 - 21.00: Open class Wednesday: 18.00 - 19.00: Private & group bookings 19.00 - 21.00: Competition Training Friday: 18.00 - 19.00: Private & group bookings 19.00 - 21.00: Open class Saturday: 10.00 - 14.00: Private & group bookings



Escola Dra. Laura Ayres

Portugal - 8125-254 Quarteira

Tel. 00351 916 315 219

Holli Dettman
Founder HKickboxing Portugal
Muay Thai Instructor
Zen Do Ka Kickboxing Black Belt
Certified Zen Do Ka Kickboxing Instructor
WZKKA National Representative Portugal
Member World Kickboxing Federation

Coach Holli has trained in Thailand, Germany, Holland, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Portugal, Dubai  Moscow and eslewhere.
He is a Multiple Medal winner in International Karate and Kickboxing Tournaments.

WZKKA Martial Arts Gyms Europe



Korean Karate classes for adults, teens and children (from 4 years)
Tuesday and Thursday
Children 4 years from 16.00 to 17.00
Boys from 6 to 12 years from 17.00 to 18.30

Monday and Wednesday from 20.30 to 22.30
Adults and teenagers

Wednesday and Friday from 20.30 to 22.30
Adults and kids all ages

Instructor Santi Soraci
4th Dan Kickboxing
Zen Do Ka Kickboxing Instructor
2nd Dan Taekwondo
WZKKA President Italy
Master in Self Defence
Esperienza in:
Sanda-Fight 1-Full contact.
Maneggio Armi Tradizionali/ Moderne (Difesa personale)

Arbitro Nazionale CSEN

Registered office of Italy WZKKAA
Free Sport and Movement
1986 Via Piutti .7 Conegliano (TV) Cap. 31015
Contact Email:


2nd Dan Soo Bahk Do - Tang Soo Do (Korean Karate)
1st Dan Kickboxing
Instructor in Self Defence
Experience in:Traditional Weapons HandlingNational judge CSEN

Coach David Lioci
Black Belt Kickboxing
5 Italian Kickboxing champion
2° place in the Xcombact Championship against Italian champion of Sanda
Experience in:  Korean Karate Sanda, Light Contact Kickboxing, Full Contact Trainer/judge



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