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Martial Artists from around the world, welcome to  
The World Zen Do Ka Freestyle Karate & Kickboxing Association.
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WZKKA Membership and inclusion in the WZKKA Black Belt Registry  is FREE.
To order WZKKA Black Belt Certificates you must sign up as a Member of the WZKKA. Full Members of our site will have their Dojos/Clubs featured as "Martial Arts Club Of The Week" on our homepage on a rotating basis indefinitely.

 Subject to conditions*, Members can order a WZKKA Black Belt Rank Registration Certificate in Your style of Martial Arts and a WZKKA Lifetime Membership Certificate.



to request a Lifetime Membership Registration form.

 * The World Zen Do Ka Karate & Kickboxing Association does not register or grant rank without proof. We are not a certificate mill. The WZKKA requires irrefutable proof of rank for inclusion in our International Black Belt Registry and for Rank Recognition Certificates. Original copies of your rank Certificate  must be forwarded with your Membership Application form. If your original certificate is lost or destroyed, supply references to attest to your rank and/or supply other proofs.





* All websites listed on WZKKA must be approved Martial Arts and related sites ONLY. No Adult sites. Spammers will be blocked.  
** If you can not, or do not wish to provide all the information as requested above,  your listing may still be included in our website, providing sufficient details are given.
*** Requests to be listed on this website do not guarantee listing and any listings may be deleted without explanation at any time.
****Conditions of listing on this website can be requested from
***** The World Zendoka  Karate & Kickboxing Association will not be held responsible for errors/omissions/inaccuracies for any information listed on this site.
****** By becoming a full member of The World Zendoka  Freestyle Karate & Kickboxing Association, you give us permission to publish content posted on YOUR WEBSITE to be used in our "Martial Arts Club Of The Week" feature article on your Club. Members can request edits or deletion of their article by email at any time.



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